Iron Guard Filter

Aeration-Oxidation-Filtration in a single system: A process that has been around since the start of water treatment. This age-old process has been the backbone of reatingiron,manganese,
and Hydrogen Sulfide water that was once thought to  be impossible to treat through conventional means.

Versatility & Reliability
  • Your choice of Pentair (Fleck) 5600SE or 2510 valves
  • Available in 3/4", or 1" 
  • Standard size is 12x48 where competitor filters start at 10x54
  • Mechanical control valve with fixed settings.
  • Available as a single tank only but various sizes
  • 58 years of quality experience. Longer then most manufactures
Benefits & features of the Iron Guard
Consumer Safety 
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • No risk of damage to plumbing, lawns, animals or humans
  • No chemicals in the home
 Higher concentrations of oxidizing oxygen
  • Keeps home odor free
  • Removes problem causing rust
  • Removes black staining manganese
  • Removes Hydrogen Sulfide
  • No air pumps to repair and plug up. Why pay to get air?

No need for dual tanks

  • Why have dual tanks when not needed.
  • Dual tanks add cost to the system.
  • Dual tanks take up more space
  • Dual tanks use more waste water.
 Standard Features:
  • ¾ or 1” Noryl Plastic Valve
  • SE timer or 3210 timer
  • Plastic bypass included
  • 1” brass check-valve included
  • 12x48” mineral tank
  • Mixed Bed media filtration included.
  • 5 year valve warranty
  • 10 year tank warranty