Welcome to Commercial Water Filters! Abendroth Water Conditioning Sells, Rents, and Leases all Commercial Water Filters. We Use Fleck and Pentair valves, along with the new lineup of Clack Commercial Valves. Below you will find what we call the "Boiler Plate" starting point for all commercial water filters. This will give you a general idea of a starting point for sizes. You can " Click" on the systems below and they will guide to applications and sizing charts along with optional features and benefits.

You can also go to our Support Page and click on Application & Design, and we will custom design a system specific to your application with all of the features that you desire. Please keep in mind that when we build a filter, the tank and valve are only a small part of the system. Having a proper water test of the water to be treated is the sinlge most important starting point. Not all Medias are the same, and the medias performance is related directly to the water that it will be treating.

 If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call us or email us, and one of our licensed and certified water specialist will be happy to discuss your water treatment needs.

Fleck/Pentair 2750

A 1" Filter for Large residence or Light Commerical Applications such as:

Duplex Apartments & Condos                         Small Laundry Applications

Large Homes with High Flow Rates                 Small Office Buildings


 Impressions Softener

 Fleck/Pentair 2850

A 1 1/2" Filter for Light Commericial Applications such as

Apartment Buildings              Laundries                                Car Washes

Small Motels                        Commercial Buildings               Nursing  Homes

Office Buildings                    Restaurants                              Schools 



 Fleck/Pentair 2900 


A 2" Filter perfect for the following Commercial/Industrial Applications


 Apartment Buildings Laundries      Boiler Water Treatment                      Mobile Home Parks

Car Washes                                   Motels and Hotels                               Commercial Buildings

Nursing Homes                              Condominiums                                    Office Buildings

Factories                                       Restaurants                                        Hospitals Schools 



Fleck/Pentair 3900

A 3" Filter perfect for the following commercial/Industrial applications

Apartment Buildings              Boiler Water Treatment                   Car Washes

Commercial Buildings           Condominiums                                  Factories

Hospitals                               Laundries                                         Mobile Home Parks

Motels and Hotels                 Nursing Homes                                 Office Buildings

Restaurants                          Schools                                            Universities & Stadiums