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Item # DIS
Silex Portable De-Ionized System
$ 1200.00
The Silex Deionization system is a 1.0 cubic foot Deionized water treatment system that fits any application that requires ultra pure water.

The Silex System can be built to accomodate any size capacity & flow rates. The system featured is a standard 1.0 cubic foot system with a 50,000K Meg Ohm Light. This light has the red light (bad water) - green light (good water) feature. Lights with audible alarms, and 1 Meg Ohm lights are also available.

Regeneration of the DI resin could not be easier. Simply remove the exhausted sleeves, drop them in the shipping carton with a pre-paid coupon, mail them to us, and we will regenerate them under strict control, and mail them back to you with return freight included.

We can custom-build ultra pure de-ionization systems up to 75gpm and multiple cubic foot systems to meet your application. DI water is perfect for grocery produce coolers, forklift batteries, golf cart batteries, car washing, steam tables, autoclaves, drinking water, make-up water and any application that requires ultra pure water. Call us today for a system custom-designed to meet your needs.

Item # FCTM
Travel Mate Salt Regeneration Cartridge
$ 7.99
The Travel Mate Salt Regeneration Cartridge takes all of the guess work out of figuring how much salt to use to regenerate the Travel Mate Water Softener. The cartridge is re-usable and can be used with any brand of solar or granulated salt. The cartridge drops right into the housing ahead of the Travel Mate Water Softener.

Item # TM18
Travel Mate Portable Water Softener
$ 399.00
The Travel Mate Portable Water Softener is the simplest & most economical portable water softener available today. It takes out all of the guess work & hassles of regenerating a water softener while traveling.

This is an 18,000 grain water softener that uses 10% crosslinked cation resin in a Structural Fibers mineral tank. It uses a backwashing valve with a built-in by-pass.

Regeneration is easy. Simply remove the cartridge from the housing, refill it with salt, and put the system into backwash. Wow! In 20 minutes the water softener is regenerated and providing soft water again.

The Travel Mate is portable and comes with all of the neccesary connections for a simple hose-style hookup. The Travel Mate will fit in most RV Units, campers, buses, and can even sit out in the worst of weather (freezing excluded). The dimensions are 23" tall X 18" wide with the filter housing.