Many times a water softener is not the only answer to problematic water. Water softeners handle hardness, but can't handle specific problems a person may experience when living with problem water. Iron, manganese, tannins, sulfur, bad taste, odors, and acidic water are all problems that can be treated with an automatic filter. We can custom-design each filter for your application. This filter can be used with a water softener or as a single treatment for an individual problem.


Iron Guard 
eration-Oxidation-Filtration in a single system: a process that has been around since the start of water treatment. This chemical free process has been the backbone of treating iron water that was once thought to be impossible to treat through conventional means. The Original Iron Guard pictured here is availible in the Fleck 5600 SE Valve and the Fleck 2510 valve. Click above to see all my features! 



Iron Guard 2.0


At Abendroth Water Conditioning we never stop working at making better products, and better service. The new IG 2.0 is a great example of improving our technology. With the incorporation of the specialty computer we have incorporated the best benefits in Iron removal availible today. And! with no increase in cost. Click above to see all my features.







The Iron Curtain
The Iron Curtain Filter by Hellenbrand removes Iron, sulfer, and manganese from your water.For over 20 years Abendroth Water Conditioning has been selling, renting, and servicing the Iron Curtain Filter System since it's development. This filter will deliver clean, clear, odorless water to every tap in your home without the use of chemicals.

Birm Filter
Filters using Birm can also be a very effective way of removing iron and manganese. When water containing iron or manganese pass through the filter bed, the active insoluble catalyst make up of the Birm Media causes the iron or manganese to precipitate in the form of a Hydroxide. This physical particle is then retained in the media bed until the filter backwashes. Periodic backwashing flushes out the accumulated iron or manganese, and the filter bed is freshened, and again ready to perform its filtration functions.